by Webmaster
July 29, 2014

Honeycomb remotely manages Asali units and connected devices such as charge controllers and inverters based on a number of preset parameters. The web interface allows managers and other operations personnel to maintain smoothly running mini-grids and analyze performance data. Single-client databases, and a dedicated communication layer between individual Asali units, third party payment systems, and the Honeycomb application ensure reliability, security, and scalability.

Honeycomb’s customizable features streamline operations and provide the tools necessary to run a successful mini-grid business.


Account management

Honeycomb integrates with any mobile money service for customer payment processing, and remotely connects or disconnects a customer’s electricity depending on the account status. Customers can query Honeycomb for account information via SMS, and operations personnel can set criteria that trigger automated customer alerts when met.


Flexible tariffs and pricing

Honeycomb supports dynamic pricing and a variety of flexible tariff structures to meet the specific requirements of every market and business model.



Load balancing

Load balancing handles fluctuations in consumption and ensures basic service. If necessary, supply can be prioritized for consumers such as schools and medical facilities according to custom parameters.


Performance monitoring

Honeycomb collects meaningful system performance data which can be displayed on a map so that problems are easily located. Field personnel are automatically notified if a problem is detected.


Field support

Operations and maintenance personnel can access customer account data, maintenance alerts, and other vital system information from the field, which streamlines workload management and customer support.


Data analysis

Honeycomb gives business managers access to an array of data analysis and visualization tools that display data comparisons, detailed consumption patterns, credit information, financial performance, and many other valuable metrics across countries, regions, or villages.