Get to know our company
Powerhive is a technology venture founded in 2011. Our purpose is to provide affordable clean energy and other productive assets to the hundreds of millions of households who do not have access to electricity. Powerhive is focused on the financing, metering, and management of distributed solar microgrid solutions with a proprietary technology platform and business model.

Powerhive is headquartered in Oakland, CA and has offices in Amsterdam and Nairobi.
Christopher Hornor
Founder & CEO
Chris is a pioneer in consumer renewable energy products and services and an accomplished entrepreneur. He founded Better Energy Systems (Solio) in 2001 and reached more than 2mm customers worldwide. With Solio Chris also pioneered pay-as-you-go solar models in East Africa. Before that he held senior posts at several technology start-ups in the U.S., U.K., and Japan. Chris is a graduate of the University of California.
Joe Marshall
Joe has a vast array of experience covering all financial duties mostly in the consumer product industry, including raising private equity monies, IPO registration and SEC compliance reporting. Joe’s experience has focused on green and organic business, helping develop fast growing, successful companies. Joe has a B.S. from Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard University.
Rik Wuts
Co-Founder & VP Business Development
Rik spent his career on the cutting edge of technological innovation and commerce. He was previously the marketing director for Intivation, where he helped launch solar powered devices in over 30 countries. Rik is a graduate from Delft University of Technology with a B.S. in Applied Physics and an M.S. in Product Design.